27 Jan

Reminiscing on 2020

The Holidays were great for catching up with people from all over New Zealand. Reminiscing on 2020 whilst turning a sausage on the bbq led to much discussion on what 2021 will bring – one theme was constant and that was cashflow pressure. Personal circumstances will place more consumers under pressure in 2021 – fact!

It is evident that most of the time people do want to pay their debts but in reality things happen. They may have reduced working hours, illness or find themselves in other circumstances which mean they are unable to meet their obligations. Sometimes things just don’t go to plan and Account Collections’ task is to find a way through the noise and remove the worry for both the organisation who is owed money and their customer.

We are genuinely here to help – we understand that every customer’s situation is unique and our staff work hard to find tailored solutions.

So my tip for the start of the year is consider your pain or risk points in your receivables. Please do not ignore them, keep dialogue constant and think of outside support such as Account Collections. After all we are expert in debt collection and that leaves you to do what you are good at in your business! Click here to contact Account Collections.