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Account Collections’ values help to guide our corporate decisions and behaviour. We will assist you rectify your debt in a courteous and respectful manner. Please see some common questions answered which will assist you understand your obligations to pay your debt. Please contact us for any further queries - You can talk to us !


There are a variety of options to choose from. Please click here to find out what payment options are available

If you need further information that these FAQs do not cover, then please contact us:

Phone: 0800 724366

You will also find more information throughout our website including how you can manage your debt effectively and our privacy policy.

So Account Collections can determine how much you as our customer can afford to enable you to be debt-free as quickly as possible. Please note our privacy policy.

Even if you have paid your account, your credit history has to remain accurate and complete. Records of defaulted accounts are generally listed with a credit reporting agency for a period of five years. Your default listing will only be removed if the default was incorrectly lodged with the bureau in the first place.

When you have paid an account we will update your default with the credit reporting agency as settled or paid in full.

Banks and financial institutions use this information to decide whether to offer credit to you and it is necessary for them to have access to full and accurate data.

Yes you can. A third party is any person authorised by you to act on your behalf. This person/s can be anyone such as, but not limited to:

  • Family member/carer;
  • Friend or guardian;
  • Financial advisor/counsellor;
  • Credit management agencies;
  • Solicitor; OR
  • Trustee.

You can authorise a third party to deal on your behalf either by calling us and telling us or in writing by sending us an email or a letter with their details.

By paying the balance of your account off in full. If you receive a letter from us telling you that your account will be default listed, you must pay your account in full within 14 days of that letter, and then your account will be closed and will not be default listed.

By paying your bills when they become due and owing. Remember when cancelling a service, make sure you always provide a forwarding address or email so you ensure you get the final invoice.

In New Zealand, the credit terms and conditions of many finance providers state that any costs incurred in recovering an outstanding account must be paid by the person who owes the money. In these circumstances, you become liable for any recovery costs incurred.

This is not a decision that Account Collections can make. Your eligibility for credit is strictly at the discretion of the lender/institution from which you are applying for credit. Paying off an outstanding debt you have with Account Collections may assist your prospects in obtaining credit.

It is important that we are able to correctly identify you and establish if the account belongs to you. If your contact details are complete and up-to-date, we are in the best position to discuss your situation and provide assistance.

Most of your unsecured debts are wiped and debt collection activities against you to recover those debts are halted. Bankruptcy has serious consequences so you should seek independent legal advice about filing for bankruptcy and its procedures/implications on your situation. To understand more information about bankruptcy click here for New Zealand.

You should contact the police and should also contact us immediately so that we may investigate. We may also require supporting documentation such as but not limited to a recent police report, a statutory declaration and proof of current ID.

We urge you to please contact us immediately to explain your situation and we will do everything possible to help you set up a repayment plan.

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