Account Collections manage your debt collection in a prompt and professional manner that will not destroy relationships you have with your clients.

Account Collections - Superior Personal Debt Collection

Does the following apply to you?

  • Do old debtors use you as a bank?
  • Do you have more than enough to do running your business as it is without having to worry about collecting delinquent debts?
  • Do you still wish to maintain a healthy trading relationship with your customer?

Personal Debt Collection

In this economic climate unpaid debt is causing severe cash flow problems and is a serious cause of loss for businesses of all sizes. Account Collections can recover your debts and still maintain your professional relationship with your customers. Account Collections consistently have some of the highest rates of successful debt collection in New Zealand. You name the sector or industry and we are collecting in it.

Simple Debt Collection process

Our system enables you to lodge a debt that you need to be recovered via online. It’s a FREE and simple process to fill out. Account Collections has around the clock access to its reporting system so you can lodge your debt immediately at a convenient time to you.

Immediate Debt Recovery

The collection process can be as short as a number of days. We will employ every means possible to recover your debt without costly legal proceedings. We can even recover debt from people that have travelled offshore. Since 1990 we have collected debts efficiently and promptly for thousands of clients in New Zealand.

Free Debt Collection

If you have appropriate terms of trade in place your debt collection is free. Contact us to discuss how we can help start your business off on the right foot with a review of your terms of trade and free advice.

We maintain contact with you

Our client website is secure and has easy to view records of the debt collection process. We make sure we have detailed records of each step so you can see what we have done to collect your debt. Settlement to you can be made the same day as we are paid.

No upfront costs

Nil, nada, zero, zip – no matter how often we contact your client you won’t be charged any additional fees. No ridiculous pre-purchased vouchers exist with us – if Account Collections cannot collect your debt then there will be no commission fee charged. Legal fees (fully disclosed and agreed to prior) are excluded.

  • We make you a priority in the eyes of the debtor
  • We change the voice of demand and cut through their emotional disconnect to your repayment.
  • We connect their challenges and offer solutions to enable repayment.

If you are looking for a personal debt collection company that gets results
whilst at the same time maintains your personal relationships.