Account Collections manage your debt collection in a prompt and professional manner that will not destroy relationships you have with your clients.

Account Collections - Superior Commercial Debt Collection

In today's commercial environment, the fast & effective recovery of your receivables can be critical to your company's success. In fact, cash flow can be your most valuable asset. So it makes sense to entrust it to debt collection professionals. Account Collections expertise and professionalism deliver the debt collection results you need without compromising current relationships when necessary. Speed and persistence are keys to our tremendous success as a full-service commercial collection agency.

Clients paying late or not at all can lead to liquidity shortfalls in companies of any size. By transferring receivables to Account Collections, you can minimise bad debt and ensure greater organisational manoeuvrability to enable you to concentrate more on your core business.

We know this as we are benchmarked in many collection scenarios with other similar collection agencies. Suffice to say the competitive scenarios only last so long and eventually Account Collections collect 100% of the debt.

Because we deal with commercial debtors on a daily basis we are fully aware of the delaying tactics they use, using strategies to defeat their obstruction and as a result our collection rates are market leading.

We employ strategic means to recover your debt without the need for costly and time consuming legal proceedings. Each step is bespoke to your debt resolution needs – no cookie cutter scripts here sorry!

Efficient, immediate Debt Collection

The strategy behind Commercial debt collection is quite different to collecting consumer’s debts. Account Collections has unique collection techniques and strategies to address Business to Business issues. This means you can relax and get on with your business and leave debt collection it to our specialists who will resolve your problems.

One of our foremost goals is to benefit organisations by carefully examining the mechanics of consumer transactions through the lenses of our deep data. We endeavour to develop careful and accurate consumer profiles, and integrate psychological research about judgment, choice, and decision-making into our collection methods.

Maintain Your Business Relationships

Whilst recovering your debt is important, you don’t want it to be at the expense of the relationship with your customers. We focus on effective resolution of debt so you will not have to head for legal proceedings to recover your debt. Should you require legal services we have in-house lawyers who can assess scenarios. We also hold preferential pricing at leading law firms to ensure any legal process is fair and relative to the debt in question.

Debt Collection can be free

If you have the correct Terms of Trade documentation in place, your debt collection can be free. If you do not have sufficient documentation in place then we can assist you to protect your interests. Please contact us to discuss how Account Collections can help you address your terms of trade early on before you have to consider recovering old debts.

  • We make you a priority in the eyes of the debtor
  • We change the voice of demand and cut through their emotional disconnect to your repayment.
  • We connect their challenges and offer solutions to enable repayment.

If you’re unsure about whether to use a debt collection agency, please give one of our friendly team a call today on 0800 724 366 or simply fill out our enquiry form and we will answer any questions you have about the debt collection process.