Account Collections - Strategic Debt Resolution

About Us

Account Collections specialises in solving the oldest and most critical issue for business – bad debt. For over 3 decades we have successfully analysed and negotiated some of the most problematic debt profiles that exist.

  • We drill and interpret data like no other debt collector in NZ.
  • We utilise strategies to get debtors engaged and talking – importantly to a human based in NZ.
  • We utilise legal procedure and bespoke agile strategies to enhance our client’s cash flow and ultimately profitability.
  • We strive to establish and develop long term partnerships with our clients.

Account Collections provides your company with professional support without the unnecessary overhead. Account Collections will improve your cash flow and reduce operating expense.

Our Services



Account Collections’ values help to guide our corporate decisions and behavior.

We do our best to find outcomes that resolve the debt.
We are persistent.
We find innovative solutions.
We continually improve results both as individuals and as a team.

We speak up and always do “right”.
We do what we say we’ll do.
We are accountable for our all actions and promises.

We support and respect each other.
We are involved, empathetic and fair.

We build enduring partnerships and share knowledge.
We work together for each other, our clients and their customers.

To  deliver New Zealand’s most intelligent strategies for the successful resolution of debt.

To be the leading debt resolution specialist in NZ. 

Our clients’ success is our success. We aim to establish long-term business relationships with our clients.

Mutual understanding of values forms the basis of a trusting collaborative partnership. Clients can expect ACCOUNT COLLECTIONS to work towards our clients’ objectives in the best possible way. We ensure that we only make realistic offers and promises that we know we can keep.

ACCOUNT COLLECTIONS works with absolute integrity. We handle all information about our clients in the strictest confidence. We rely on our clients to provide us with honest and valid information. This is the only way that we can safeguard our clients’ and our own reputation. We see ourselves as a partner to our clients and cultivate this relationship on an equal footing.

We understand the importance of existing business relationships.
ACCOUNT COLLECTIONS takes on a mediating role when a customer relationship has been damaged. We treat debtors in the same way as we treat all other people we work with: Our goal is to make payment agreements within the framework of what is legal.

We are determined and versatile as we work to find a solution. ACCOUNT COLLECTIONS always honours the agreements it reaches with defaulting customers. We treat our clients’ customers with respect and keep our promises. We expect the same in return.
We always strive to maintain the business relationship between our client and their customer.

We consistently invest in our infrastructure in order to tackle challenges head on. We promise our partners that we use state-of-the-art security equipment that keeps pace with the latest technology.

We consider the security of all personal data to be a fundamental right of the individual, and see it as our duty to protect this data. We protect all data entrusted to us against unauthorised access.

ACCOUNT COLLECTIONS have an important role to play in the economy. Professional receivables management injects cash back into the economic cycle.

Our aim is always to protect our clients from financial losses, liquidity is a lifeblood for commerce.
We are responsible for calculating realistic arrangements that make it possible to agree on achievable and fair payment deadlines with our clients’ customers.

The reputation of our clients, their customers and ACCOUNT COLLECTIONS itself is our most important asset. We protect this reputation by doing business in accordance with our values – at all times.

Values form the basis of our conduct
We live by a values based corporate orientation. Within this framework we have defined rules for our specific areas of business and have undertaken to act according to a common behavioural code, our Code of Conduct. Through the code we prescribe how ACCOUNT COLLECTIONS operates and how it treats its clients, defaulting customers, and its employees and partners: always with respect.

We measure ourselves by the ACCOUNT COLLECTIONS Code of Conduct
We observe all data protection provisions, legislation and sector-specific regulations for debt collection.
We engage with our clients as a service provider and partner, while debtors are regarded as the customers of our clients. Our focus is on finding cooperative solutions for all parties involved.

Your data is in good hands at ACCOUNT COLLECTIONS – they are protected by state-of-the-art security technology.


The greatest satisfaction from our role in the cash conversion cycle is the immediate value we create for our clients. We work for the client – always. That said the burden of debt for many debtors means we must always look for solutions which match reality. It is equally satisfying to support those in debt to address their debts and enable them to understand and exhibit financial discipline.

Jason just so happens to be a qualified lawyer and experienced financial analyst having cut his teeth firstly being admitted to the Bar after graduating with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) from Victoria University Wellington and then embarking on a career working in the structured debt markets of Europe.

“I am proud to be part of team that analyse data and tailor bespoke strategies that stem from this critical interpretation to deliver market leading results. It is testament to our service standards that we continually out-perform our competitors in benchmarked scenarios. Our success is transparent and measurable enabled by agile solutions across the receivables spectrum”.

Jason’s grandfather kept things simple in achieving success and a catch cry of his sticks with our business in keeping issues succinct and always on the mark; “MIMO – money in, money out. Make sure more comes in than goes out and you will be in business for a long time”.

Jason reckons it is as simple as that and Account Collections will assist you in that pursuit and make your business more profitable.

“Solving the critical issues facing our clients in NZ comes from a deep dive into the behaviours of debtors and defining strategies that ultimately deliver payments back to our clients. Our experience is real, our data is on-point and our attitude is empathetic but firm”.

John has analysed and designed strategies across a broad range of B2B and B2C networks both in NZ and in Europe. Experience has shown him that debtor habits can be unique or similar at any stage – the wedge of success is the effective coupling of data with outstanding communication channels.

Widely regarded as a sector specialist John has designed communication channels that reach out to debtors and break through the noise of their financial situation.

“Everyday we talk to debtors, observe and record behaviour all the while garnering the pulse of the economy. Our micro data enables us to react to scenarios that are well tried and deliver outcomes that fundamentally assist our clients”.

When John is not trying to hook a delinquent account for his clients he may well be attempting to hook a trophy trout in the Tukituki river. Never using the same fly day in day out but always looking for an edge to achieve success – considering the flow of the river, what is feeding around him and what the trout are doing under the water out of sight. One might say it sounds familiar to his day job?