Account Collections is a debt collection company with clients throughout New Zealand. We work to prompt customers in New Zealand and Australia who are in arrears to make payment.

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Since 1990 Account Collections has been a trusted partner of thousands of business’ in New Zealand and at the forefront of debt management.

Debt collection does not happen without purposeful strategies being developed and implemented. Account Collections utilises distinct data and matches that to debt profiles.

No two customers of ours will be the same so why would you accept a strategy that is from a bland script?

Account Collections wins repeat business due to the effectiveness of our people, our data interpretation and ultimately communication with debtors. Debt collection with Account Collections is transparent and measurable.

Account Collections lives and breathes customer centricity. We are only successful when our customers are rightfully repaid for their services and goods. Your cash flow drives our collaboration.


We have been delivering results for our clients since 1990. Debt collection gets your cashflow moving - you can rely on the experience of the experts at Account Collections.

Our Services - Account Collections provide strategic advice across all components of the debt collection landscape.

Why Account Collections are the trusted choice when it comes to debt collection

We are not just another debt collection agency. We have a focus on service for our clients. You’ll get full attention from our team as we work to recover your outstanding debts. All from our Kiwi staff located here in NZ! 

We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to economic conditions and business cycles. Throughout all these years we’ve helped our clients successfully recover outstanding debt. We can also help you today.

We provide Debt collection solutions to small, medium and large businesses. We bring an understanding from the entire debt spectrum together to bring you the perfect debt collection solution.

We understand what it takes to recover debt quickly and efficiently for you. We deal with thousands of delinquent accounts, harnessing strategies and data to make us more effective than your internal staff.  

We don’t just send a few letters and charge you for this. Our staff actually make personal phone contact with your debtor to recover your debts as quickly and efficiently as possible. All at no charge to you with effective terms of trade.

That’s right you get inside access to our systems so you can see what’s happening and where we’re up to with your debt 24 hours a day. You’ll get peace of mind knowing you’ll know every step of the way what steps we’re taking to recover your debt.

We are transparent – it provides clear guidelines for our interactions. For us, these parameters are non-negotiable. We don’t just have respect for the law, but for everyone we are involved with.


Balance Chartered Accountants Ltd first engaged Account Collections NZ Ltd in June 2006 to help us recover some of our long overdue Debtors. The results of that initial engagement were way beyond what we expected and we now use ACNZ Ltd for all of our Debt Collection recovery.

The team at ACNZ Ltd has provided us with a high level of service and they contact us on a regular basis to give us good professional advice and keep us informed of the progress they have achieved with our Debtors.

I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending ACNZ Ltd to anyone requiring debt collections services

John Taylor
CEO, Balance Chartered Accountants Ltd, WANGANUI

When I have been researching agencies to provide debt collection service I have had a series of criteria that I use as a measure of ‘fit’ with our business. The criteria includes such items as industry knowledge and experience; proposed approach to debt collection; NZ capabilities; costings; quality and partnership potential.

Account Collections NZ Ltd are a small company and originally I had reservations about their ability to manage the scope of our business. This has not proved to be an issue and in many ways their smaller size has proved to be an asset to us in terms of the quality of the service they provide for reasonable costs – in short we are not paying for Queen Street Auckland premises and infrastructure. We needed a company that was open to our suggestions and was prepared to deal with us on an equal footing yet could provide the expert advice that would enable us to make the right choices at the right time; in other words a true business partner rather than a service provider.

I have worked with Account Collections NZ Ltd now on behalf of a number of businesses and find that my original estimation of their flexibility, service quality and willingness to work with companies on a partnership basis still holds true. I perceive them to be as focused on achieving goals as we are and are prepared to adapt and change to meet the changing needs of our business.

Janine Armstrong
Speirs Group Ltd

Energy Online engaged Account Collections in November 2005 as a result of our growth and the need to outsource the more challenging part of our debtor’s ledger. It became obvious soon after providing our first tranche of debt to Account Collections that their performance was likely to exceed initial indications. Their achievements since then can be classified as the “under promise and over deliver” variety. Our expectations are high and we have not been disappointed.

Bryan Beasley
Credit Manager, Energy Online Limited

Account Collection New Zealand Limited provide our Company, TelferYoung (Hawkes Bay) Limited with all our debt collection recovery. Our business relationship has been for many years now and we have found their service to be 100%+. Jason, John and his staff provide efficient, timely and effective recovery of our outstanding debtors, giving sound advice and recommendations for action. On some occasions we have had to take Court action and the team at Account Collections have provided step by step guidance and legal advice.

Feedback and updates on individual debtors is provided regularly and efficient notes and liaison between debtors and Account Collections is recorded accurately and professionally. We are impressed and highly satisfied with the level of communication, the professionalism and service we receive. It is without a doubt that Account Collections NZ Limited receives our most appreciative thanks and best wishes for their high level of service to our organisation. To all the the team, thanks for your continued support and professionalism.

Natalie Murtagh
Office Manager, TelferYoung (Hawkes Bay) Ltd


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We are ready to talk.

Our employees work together with debtors to create a payment plan.
Talking is absolutely crucial to that plan. Nevertheless, talking about debts is difficult for both sides.
That’s why our employees are trained regularly on a variety of topics including amongst others,
on de-escalation techniques.