We aim to achieve a win win situation for both client and debtor so that over time all monies and costs owed are recovered.


  • Where legal proceedings are necessary, Account Collections NZ Limited will undertake this process or instruct our solicitors on your behalf. We co-ordinate the preparation and service of relevant legal documents and manage the relevant legal process. You will be notified of all charges and costs before we proceed and kept informed as proceedings take place.


  • Filing fees and solicitors fees that are in line with the standard court rate will be added to the debt. The cost of Court proceedings and Defended actions and any appearance fees become additional charges which will be fully discussed with you should it become necessary.
  • No disbursements will be charged to your account without your written approval.
  • These costs are in the most part recovered from the debtor, with the courts approval, and form part of the Debt which you originally arranged to be enforced.


  • Document serving
  • Field Calls and Debtor Interviews


  • Debtor location
  • Field Calls

OUR FEES (Terms of Trade Available on Request).

  • Commission is charged on all payments received by either party.
  • Commission rates: 20% Flat Fee + GST
  • We reserve the right to charge an agency fee (up to $25.00 incl GST) on all accounts
  • In the event of a cancellation by either party, we may require you to pay a cancellation fee, calculated on time and resources used in our attempts to collect your debt, with a maximum value of 10% plus GST of the debt amount outstanding.